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My prayer for GRACELETS

God’s Word offers so many powerful benefits to our children (and to us!). I pray that GRACELETS will help in our effort to embed the Word in our children. 

I love how David describes the rewards and advantages we enjoy when we write the Word on our hearts. It will preserve our lives. (See Psalm 119)

I like to think of the idea of GRACELETS as a way to give our children a preservative that is good for them! It can literally save their lives, preserving them from disaster.



Using music to memorize Scripture dates back thousands of years. Hebrew children chanted the entire Torah - the first five books of the Bible. Five year olds would start with the book of Leviticus. Most of us never even bother to read it. (It’s not exactly an easy read!) Jesus Himself as a small Hebrew boy was enrolled in a school such as this.

His work at learning God’s Word was foundational to Him and His ministry.This is displayed so clearly in the story of His temptation in the desert.

If Jesus needed to memorize Scripture, how much more do our children need to learn it, absorb it, and commit it to memory.


Our children will face temptation. For that we are guaranteed. Will they be strong and prepared to meet it? Or will they succumb? Over and over in Scripture we see the many promises given to those who dedicate themselves to loving, memorizing, and meditating on God’s Word. We hope that Gracelets will be a tool you will find helpful in your pursuit of rearing Godly children, strong enough to say “Yes” to God’s way and “No thanks” to everything other than His best for their lives and destinies.


David taught us in Psalm 1 that meditating on God’s Word brings success. He also indicates that the earlier we invest the Word into our children, the better off they will be (Psalm 119). The essence of giving our children the edge we so desire for them to have in their lives boils down to sowing the Word into their little hearts. It’s never too early or never too late to start. 

Praise for Jill

“Watching Jill perform is like spying on someone’s intimate time with the Lord. She’s more than a musician she’s a role model for those of us who long for intimate worship with our Father. Jill is a gifted musician, but her real talent is in her ability to express an emotion and make the audience feel it as well.”

Jennifer Schuchmann, Author • Atlanta, Georgia





“Jill is an unique and grace-full package… She’s a great singer, performer and songwriter. Her songs and voice go straight to the soul. Jill is in music for all the right reasons. She is a joy to work with. Beauty, sincerity and creativity move through her, flowing sweetly from a clear and sacred place.”

Timothy Frantzich, Music Producer • Minneapolis, Minnesota

“It is hard to imagine anyone telling this story more compellingly than Jill Herringshaw. The human range of emotion is vast and complex, and Jill leaves no subtlety out of this performance. Her voice speaks directly to the heart.”

Jeff Victor, Music Producer and Arranger • Minneapolis, MN

“Jill Herringshaw is one of the most talented individuals I know. God has truly gifted her with inspiring talents in music, drama and songwriting. Her latest creation, “Mary, Mother of All Joys” is beautifully written, performed and orchestrated. In my opinion, there is nothing else like it and it should be seen and heard by thousands. Jill’s gift for drama and her heart of a mother make this a very inspiring and real portrayal of Mary. I also know Jill to be a true Psalmist with a pure heart to serve and worship the Lord.”

Mark David Williams, Recording Artist, Director of Worship • North Heights Lutheran Church, Arden Hills, MN

“I believe this music is from the heart of God. Jill has the gift of hearing our Lord clearly and reproducing His Word in song and music so that it speaks to our souls. Every time I play this CD I am moved and blessed.”

Pastor Bob Cottingham,Senior Pastor,North Heights Lutheran Church, Arden Hills and Roseville, MN

“What can I say? Your production of “Mary, the Mother of all Joys” was absolutely wonderful! It gave us new insight to Mary and the awesome responsibility she had. Such a meaningful way to prepare ourselves this advent season.”

S.T. Bloomington, MN.


Mary, Mother of All Joys

Mary, Mother of All Joys

A journey from nativity to passion as seen through the eyes of Mary.
Written and performed by Jill Herringshaw
Follow Mary’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem and beyond. She bares her soul to us as she bears her Son, our Savior, for us. He is borne in our hearts, too!
Who is Mary, the mother of Jesus? I [...]

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Mark and Jill Herringshaw

Mark and Jill Herringshaw

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Jill’s Calendar

Jill’s Calendar

Jill will be performing Mary, Mother of All Joys at Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, MN on Thursday, December 1st, 2011. Address:  5825 Kelvin Ave. N.  Lake Elmo, MN 55042      (651) 770-3172

Dec 2, 3 at Park United Methodist Church 315 North 6th Street, Brainerd, MN  (218) 829-4116

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Six Prayers God Always Answers

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